What is the Critical Mass?


At the Critical Mass, hundreds of people meet for a joint bike ride through the city. The goal is to reach a “critical mass” so that motorized traffic can be met on an equal footing. The Critical Mass takes place in Zurich and in numerous other cities around the world always on the last Friday of the month.

Those who enter traffic by bicycle expose themselves to great dangers every day and are marginalized as inferior road users. However, if hundreds of cyclists find each other for a common ride, the public space is temporarily reclaimed and becomes a place of social exchange.

The Critical Mass is not a demonstration. Rather, it is a spontaneous, large-scale traffic of bicycles. The route is not fixed – whoever rides first determines the direction. The Critical Mass is not organized and knows no responsible persons. As soon as the critical mass is reached at the agreed meeting point, it starts moving.



How does it Work?

Here you will receive answers to some basic questions regarding the CM, so you get the hang of how it works.

what means “We are traffic”?

The CM does not block traffic, but is part of the traffic. This means:

  • The mass always stays together. Do not leave gaps!
  • We do not drive on the opposite lane and not on the sidewalk.
  • Cars & public transport are corked (blocked) only when necessary for the safety of cyclists.
  • We do not provoke anyone and always remain calm.

is CM basically a party on two wheels?

No, the CM is neither party nor demo, but traffic. Of course we are colorful, loud, and happy. But please use your common sense:

  • We don’t leave no trace (no litter, no damaged property, no harm to anybody).
  • We are in drivable condition.
  • Glass bottles are better left at home – or do you want 50 people to have a flat tire because of you? 😉

Who organizes the CM?

Nobody. Everyone. Me. You.

Is it a demonstration?

The CM is not a demonstration. There are no official goals or demands. We just ride our bikes.

Can I just ride along at the CM?

Sure! (But it doesn’t hurt if you read the FAQ of the CM Zurich, they answer them quite well)